Calliope Outfits

All Calliope Outfits come priced complete with CA 43 Calliope, generator, ready to play! 

A Tangley Calliope mounted on a vehicle works great for transporting and parade use. The Music delights the ears and this fantastic Model T Ford truck or trailer leaves a lasting visual impression!

Ford Model T Circus Truck
Calliope Car
Ford Model T Circus Truck

This is a real, restored 1915 style Model T with rebuilt engine and chassis. It is restored to perfection with a new constructed circus body.  It will be noticed.

"The Ultimate Eye Catcher"
Calliope Trailer

This Calliope Trailer is 4' x 8' in size and fits in Standard 7' High Garage.  It is equipped with"Hard" Panels for Security and Weather Protection while not in use.  This is a great economical trailer  to use for easily portable Calliope Music in parades, events and anwhere there are people to get their attention the old fashioned way.

Model T048 - $14,950

Calliope Trailer

The TO510 model Calliope trailer is 5' x 10'  in size and fits into an 8' high  door with sky boards folded.  The trailer is striped and lettered to your specifications.  the trailer eatures 15" wheels, Electric brakes, and stored panels to protect from weather.

Model T0510 - $18,250
    We can custom build an outfit for you. Here are a few  designs we have built at the customer's request.  Let us build your dream outfit. 

Calliope Circus wagon
49 Chevrolet Calliope Truck
Custom Calliope Trailer
Custom Calliope Trailer
Calliopede Calliope bike
Calliope Firetruck